3 reasons to love cardio

It’s the word that can strike fear in almost anyone’s heart. Loved by few and hated by many; that’s right, I’m talking about cardio. While many people consider cardiovascular training to be a form of torture, others have found the silver lining. If you’re looking for incentives to complete cardio, here’s 3!

I have found that I enjoy running around my neighborhood far more than running on a treadmill. The natural variations in incline also add variety to a workout. Strategically choose the time of day you run to avoid overheating or other dangerous conditions.
My favorite cardio exercise

Get leaner

Do you want 6-pack abs? Lowering your body fat percentage is the only way to gain muscle definition. If you have been strength training, but can’t achieve the physique you crave, this may be because there is a layer of fat covering your muscles. After a lifting session, perform 30 minutes of cardiovascular training for maximum fat burning. Not to mention, following a lifting session with cardiovascular exercise will deliver oxygenated blood to your muscles resulting in a shorter recovery time! Integrate high intensity interval training into your workout to build stamina and increase your metabolism.

Lower health risks

It’s what’s on the inside that truly counts, so protect your heart by conditioning it at least three times per week. There is a slew of health benefits associated with cardio, including lower blood pressure, stabilized blood glucose levels, and lower risk of developing osteoporosis. In addition, your mental health will also improve if you regularly complete prolonged cardiovascular exercises. Take my word for it, going for a run can decrease anxiety and stress. If I am having a particularly stressful day, a good sweat session usually clears my mind and puts me at ease.

Runner’s high

Not many things in this life compare to the victorious feeling of accomplishing a tough cardio session. Have you ever heard of the runner’s high? It is a euphoric, calming sensation caused by a surge of endorphins to the pre-frontal and limbic regions of your brain. Natural chemicals called endocannabinoids produce a feeling similar to the effects of THC in marijuana. Furthermore, studies show that endocannabinoid levels are three times higher first thing in the morning compared to the afternoon. If you are not a morning person, maybe that bit of information can help you get out of bed and in the gym earlier!

It can be a love/hate relationship with any cardio training program, but I hope at least one of the reasons I listed can increase the love aspect for you. Be mindful of your breathing patterns to establish a comfortable pace. Avoid injury by properly stretching and not overexerting yourself at the beginning of your cardio session. Thanks for reading!






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