Gelatin mask for blackheads

In an effort to improve the health of my nails, hair, and skin, I recently purchased gelatin. However, after a little research online, I found out taking gelatin orally will do little to nothing for you. But since I already bought the gelatin capsules, I decided to try and find a use for them. I came across a recipe online to make a gelatin face mask that’s great for removing blackheads. The best part is, you only need 2 ingredients!

This mask is so convenient to use and make! I am using GNC Women’s Gelatin capsules, but I’m sure any brand of unflavored gelatin will work for this mask. The other ingredient you need for this mask is milk.

Wash your face prior to applying this mask for best results. Break open 2 capsules of gelatin and mix with a tablespoon of milk. Heat in the microwave for 15 seconds and then stir the solution. Your mixture should be a liquid, paste consistency at this point. Always test the temperature of the mask with your finger before applying to your face! A nasty burn looks far worse than blackheads.

Using your finger, apply the mask to your nose, chin, forehead, or any other problem area. Get comfortable and wait 25-35 minutes for the mask to dry on your face. You’ll know it’s ready to remove when it is stiff and completely dry to the touch. This next part is painful, but rewarding. Starting at the edges, slowly peel off the mask. Voila! You now have clean, clear pores. Rinse your face with water to remove any residue and always follow with a moisturizer to prevent irritation.

You may need to alter the recipe slightly to a gelatin to milk ratio that works for your skin type. I hope you find this mask to be a cost effective alternative to Biore strips or similar products! Leave a comment letting me know if this DIY skin care regimen is helpful. Thanks for reading!